Monday, October 6, 2014

Open Heart Journal Page

Open Heart Page - October 5

I love to art journal. It is a meditative process that allows me to just concentrate on specific parts of the process. First I find a page I've painted, usually an abstract background—or if none are finished ahead of time, I paint one. Then, I create a border using washi tape or strips of paper or I doodle one in. The next step is to collage in a figure or focal point. Sometimes I draw this image or I find it in a magazine or other source. Then I find a quote or just write in a random thought I am thinking. The real relaxing part of this for me is the last part, which is where the image above is at. I now get to go in and doodle on this, fill in the letters, maybe do some more writing. It brings the entire piece together nicely in the end. Have a great Monday!