Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday to everyone!

It is a glorious day here, sunny & breezy, with a freshness to the air that is much appreciated after a couple of days of 90ยบ. I opened up the house and even Odie (the Corgi) is sprawled in the porch happily sleeping after a walk we went on.

Today is a day in the studio, so I shall be posting updates of new work!

Thought for the day-

Believe in yourself, be inspired and live everyday with no regrets. We do not have to be perfect, only REAL.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Dessert (January 13, 2009)

Sweet and yummy,
Cake fills your tummy,
making you feel happy and content.
Decadent frosting of cream,
surely will make any dream,
just a bit like it was heaven sent.

Growth (January 11, 2009)

Growing strong,
like a flower in spring,
rehearsing a song,
like a bird on the wing.
Lifting its petals,
to the sky in thanksgiving,
like a cook with boiling kettles,
feeding the living.


Good afternoon!

I am going to be reposting some blog posts from the last few years. I have moved my blog around quite a bit, and like where I am now. So, if you are reading and see some posts that look familiar, make sure to check the date in parentheses, as that will be the original posting date. Toodles!

Resolution (January 7, 2009)


My resolution to post new art every day this year, 2009.

Trees and Life (January 8, 2009)


Growing tall, strong and vibrant
reaching for the sky very contemplant.
A symbol of life,
of hope and grace,
giving spirit a loving face.